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Season 7 Episodes

Colorful Washington

Season 7 Episode 13

Washington State is full of color! Travel to Mt. Vernon and learn how farmers at Maple Wood Potato Farm grow a variety of colorful potatoes, or how Roozen Farms grows and transports tulips across the world!

Farm: Maple Wood Farm (Mt. Vernon) - Red and White Potatoes

Interview: Salty Seattle - Colorful pasta making with Linda Miller Nicholson

Restaurant/Recipe: Cochinito Taqueria (Spokane)/Melon Salad

Food Truck/Recipe: Open Range (Pullman)/Salmon Sandwich

Nutritionist: Colorful diets have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer

Bonus: Roozen Farms Tulips (Mt. Vernon)

2nd Harvest Kitchen: AllRecipes - Tami’s Tri-Color Caprese Salad

Original Air Date: 3/31/20


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