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Dick's Hamburger's French Fry Recipe

Dick's Hamburger's French Fry Recipe
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- Wash and peel potatoes (leaving a little skin on makes for better flavor).  
- Cut potatoes for desired size fries and keep in water until ready to deep fry. 
- Preheat oil in deep fryer to 300 degrees.  
- When grease is ready, drain water off cut potatoes and place in fryer basket.
- Cook at 300 degrees until potatoes are limp. 
- Remove basket from grease and let potatoes drain and cool in basket while heating fryer oil to 350 degrees. 
- When oil is ready, submerge basket of potatoes.  Fries will start to rise to top of basket and at this point use a long handled spoon, spatula, fork etc, (make sure it’s suitable for hot oil!) to gently stir fries to separate while continuing to cook until golden brown.  (Time depends on how big you slice up potatoes). Make sure you salt while hot & drain well!  Enjoy!!


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