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Parmesan Gnocchi from Canlis

Parmesan Gnocchi from Canlis
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Total Time:
2 hrs

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Gnocchi Ingredients:

- 1300g Raw Potatoes
- 276g All-purpose flour
- 200g Butter
- 8 Egg yolks
- 14g Grated Parmesan
- 22g Salt

Gnocchi Directions:

- Bake potatoes on salt at 350 degrees until totally soft (about an hour).
- Peel and pass through tamis.
- Mix the eggs with the cheese and salt.
- Add to the potatoes. Add butter and flour.
- Roll the gnocchi and let them chill in the fridge. Blanche.
- Sear the gnocchi on the pick up.
- Yield: 1kg

Sherry Sauce Ingredients:

- 40g Butter
- 120g Shallot
- 150g Potato
- 60g Garlic
- 200g White wine
- 200g Blond chicken stock
- 400g Sherry
- 20g Cream
- 75g Whole butter

Sherry Sauce Directions:

- Sweat shallots, garlic and potatoes in butter until soft.
- Add wine and cook.
- Add cream, blend.
- Emlsify butter into sauce while blending.
- During service, finish with black truffles, preserved lemon, chopped parsley and shallots. Reduce until nappe.
- Yield: 1 quart

Ramp Puree Ingredients:

- 500g Ramp greens
- 250g Ice water
- 1g Xanthan gum
- TT Salt

Ramp Puree Directions:

- Blanch and shock ramp greens, squeeze out excess water.
- In Vitaprep, blend with ice water and add in xanthan gum.
- Pass through chinoise and season with salt.
- Yield: 675g


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