Washington Apples

Posted in Apples, WA Grown on Monday, November 11, 2013

Washington Apples

Fall in Washington signals the abundance of the seasonal fruit we're most famous for… apples! Throughout the country, and even throughout the world, we're known for producing some of the tastiest apples you can find. The harmonious combination of our soil, climate, and dedicated farmers has yielded us a reputation we can be proud of and state-wide easy access to this delicious fruit. I like to peruse the farmers market to see what new varieties I can find each year and then ask the farmers which apples they recommend. A few years ago my sister brought us some Honeycrisp apples she'd found at her local farmers market and we were instantly hooked. They remain our favorite apple for fresh eating. We frequently use fresh apples diced and served in a spinach salad with a balsamic dressing and walnuts or as a delicious addition to griddle pancakes or puff oven pancakes. One of my favorite sweet treats is to make a batch of cookie dough dip and scoop it up with fresh apple slices.

I use Fujis or Golden Delicious apples to make a double batch of cranberry applesauce at least once every season and like to make a batch of crockpot apple butter that we'll spread on bagels or swirl in our oatmeal. Of course no apple discussion is complete without apple pie. I've eaten a lot of apple pie in my life, but these days I try to limit myself to making apple pie once or twice every fall. I love a buttery crust, tart Granny Smith apples and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream nestled right next to it.










If you want a fun family outing, find a u-pick orchard near you and go pick your own apples!  The apples will be delicious, but the memories will last even longer. 









 My son working hard to pick apples.













A delicious and well deserved break.