Meet Krista!

Posted in Meet the Farmers on Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Meet Krista!

The Farmers Wifee Welcome3Growing up, we used to pass by a dairy farm on the school bus after school. We always called it the “stinky old dairy farm”. We were just kids back then, had no idea what really happened on that farm. I’d be lying if all the kids even knew what a dairy farm was (myself included).

The spring of 2009 a young man moved to my home town to start a dairy farm. It was his lifelong dream to farm. We met shortly after he started at the local feed store. We were married a year later. We currently milk 140 cows on our conventional dairy farm. We work side by side with three kids in tow.

At the end of 2012, I started a Facebook page to share our farm with friends/family. I wanted to combat the misinformation being shared about farming practices. The following year, I started a blog (The Farmer’s Wifee). Original I know. I really had no idea what I was doing but I knew I needed to figure it out. Since starting my blog and really diving into sharing our farm via social media I have had some of the most amazing experiences. I have been able to take my husband’s passion (that has now become mine) and use it to pursue my own passion, writing & travel.

I have since joined a fabulous group of women called Common Ground. This past fall I traveled to New York to talk on national television about our dairy farm. This past August, my friend & I founded a new project called Ask the Farmers. It is an amazing group of farm & ranch men/women who answer questions, provide graphics & blog posts for common questions/misconceptions. It has been very successful. I have had the privilege of writing for my favorite dairy magazine, Progressive Dairyman and a new publication from Fastline Publishing known as Pink Tractor. For the past year and a half, I have met the most amazing people and had the most amazing experiences.

It all started when a young man chased his dream to my home town to start a dairy farm. Now I get to write about it at home on that very same “stinky old dairy farm” I passed by as a kid. I look forward to sharing more of our life and passion in the future.