Dual Tail Wind

Posted in Nutrition on Monday, August 08, 2016

Dual Tail Wind

Thankfully, in Washington State, there’s always a time of year when zucchini is abundantly available. The dual tail-wind of people with gardens giving away verdant vegetables and cooks trying new recipes for those foods is a positive reminder of our abundance - even if you don’t appreciate zucchini. Not everyone has the time or the desire to tend a garden, so when gardening neighbors are handing out fresh vegetables, it creates a unique bond. 

Recently my father-in-law passed away. He was the person in my life who handed out vegetables his entire life and in doing so forged bonds with many friends and neighbors. When the weather turns cold and the ground hardens, those familial and neighborly gestures seem even more precious. Because food is the substance from which our physical bodies are made, obtaining food is one of the oldest and most essential activities.

Fortunately, due to the advent of modern technology farmers and ranchers are capable of providing food for our state, nation, and other parts of the world. As food from apples to onions to beef appear in Washington State, it is with gratitude that we purchase these foods in our stores and markets and drive them to homes equipped with modern conveniences for storage and preparation.

When you receive tomatoes or peppers or even zucchini from a neighbor, or family member, or purchase them from a farmer’s market or supermarket, take a moment to consider the dual-tail wind of the grower and the cook who help provide this amazing sustenance of life we call food.