Hungry for Home Cooked Meals

Posted in Nutrition on Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Hungry for Home Cooked Meals

Most of spring’s seeds and small plants have made their way into Washington’s rich soil.  Like the planted seeds, students are arriving home to put down roots and reconnect with family and friends. After nearly a year of studying, and primed with knowledge, students are hungry for home-cooked meals, and visiting favorite restaurants. 

Road trips home often include stopping at a favorite restaurant for a long-awaited burger, pizza, fries, or tacos.  Students are also eagerly anticipating mom’s homemade mac and cheese, chicken and potato pot pie, and dad’s grilled tri-tip. Other mandatory stops include local gastro-pub micro-beers and haute cuisine.

It might seem inconsequential that familiar comfort food is on the mind of nearly every student living away from home, but it’s true, simple and healing. The foods we grew up contain the molecules that bind family, friends, and communities.  The food doesn’t have to be organic, but does have to resonate with the soul of the student, providing comfort and connection; two significant health determinants.  

When your student arrives home, fire up the grill, plate the pasta, and enjoy a long awaited sit-down meal, or head to that favorite restaurant; it will feed a hungry student’s belly, and soothe many a tired brain.