New Year's Resolution: Double Your Happiness!

Posted in Nutrition on Friday, December 12, 2014

New Year's Resolution: Double Your Happiness!

New Year’s resolutions tend to quickly melt away after a few long weeks, possibly because many resolutions involve giving up something enjoyable, like a morning mocha, wine with dinner, or a chocolate stash. But what if this year your resolution didn’t involve giving up anything? What if you did quite the opposite, and added a food as part of your lifestyle? Below are several Washington-based foods that you can add to help make your resolution part of a healthful lifestyle.

Add an apple to your day because they taste good, provide fiber, and potassium

Add a slice of whole wheat toast topped with peanut butter, instead of skipping breakfast. You’ll have more energy and enjoy steadier morning blood sugar levels.

Add a baked potato to your dinner to help fill you up, provide potassium, and fiber. Top it with a cup of chili and a sprinkle of cheese for an easy meal.

Add a cup of legumes (lentil, chickpea, black bean, white bean) in a soup (recipe), or add a lentil patty (recipe) at least 3 times a week to fill you up, boost fiber, and protein.

Add whole grains like barley or wheat berries into soups and salads (recipe); they provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

And on Friday mornings, allow yourself a donut – instead of eschewing pastries altogether.

Beyond food ideas, Washington offers some of the best parks in the nation. How about adding in a visit to a neighborhood, city, county or state park once a week? By adding enjoyment with movement you’re much more likely to continue on that path. Walking in parks, on beaches, and on trails can be a life sport. Bring a friend or family member and make it double happiness.