7 Reasons You Should Watch Washington Grown

Posted in WA Grown on Friday, November 11, 2022

7 Reasons You Should Watch Washington Grown
What is Washington Grown?

If this is your first time hearing about the locally produced and publicly aired program, Washington Grown, then you are in for a treat! Washington Grown highlights the incredible food scene and local farming industry in Washington State. The show’s episodes travel from the rural farmlands to the tasty eateries and kitchens our local produce ends up in. It’s a fascinating, in-depth peek behind the curtain at our world of over 300 locally grown crops.

Below are the top 7 reasons you’ll want to add Washington Grown to your watch list.

Reason 1: Visit Stunning Areas of Washington Through Your Television Screen

From the wide and fierce beaches of the Olympic Peninsula to the rolling hills of the Palouse, the variety and majesty of Washington State’s geography lends itself to enrapturing cinematography. Satiate your wanderlust and see it all from the comfort of your own home!

Reason 2: Take “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” to a Whole New Level

After delving into just a few episodes of Washington Grown, an apple won’t just be an apple to you anymore. Neither will a grape, plate of salmon, glass of wine, raspberry smoothie, or any other morsel you consume throughout your day. Getting to know the farmers, industry, and networks behind how your food is grown, made, processed and shipped will give you lots to be aware and mindful of. You’ll uncover a level of gratitude and appreciation towards your local state farmers and everything that goes into bringing us the delicious meals we’ve grown accustomed to.

Reason 3: Get Inside intel on all the Best Local Restaurants

Most of us love that feeling of having something cool to share. When you watch Washington Grown, you’ll get the inside scoop on all the best restaurants in our state. It won’t take long before all your friends and family see you as the go-to expert for future recommendations.

Reason 5: Be Entertained by the Outstanding Show Hosts

Washington Grown’s hosts are full of energy, enthusiasm, and a welcoming warmth. You’ll love watching Kristi, Tomas, and Val get to know local farmers and community members and feel as if you are right there with them, enjoying every tasty bite.

Reason 6: Get Inspired to Enliven Your Own Meal Plan with Fun Recipe Ideas

Most Washington Grown episodes feature a fun recipe that will inspire you to try new things at home in your own kitchen. Whether it’s a mouth-watering French Onion soup or delectable slice of huckleberry pie – after only a few episodes your dusty cookbook will be sure to get a worthwhile makeover!

Reason 7: Learn Fun, Sharable Facts About Locally Grown Food

The next time you’re pouring out a bowl of potato chips at a party or meeting up with friends at a local restaurant, you’ll be full of interesting facts to share regarding the foods everyone is enjoying. There is no end to the amount of fascinating knowledge you can learn and share the more episodes and clips you watch of Washington Grown.

As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, these are only some of the top reasons to watch Washington Grown. As you’ll soon see for yourself as you delve into each episode of this enthralling program, there are far too many reasons altogether to list in one place. Now go and get caught up! More exciting seasons are in the works for when you’re done.