Imperfect Produce

Posted in Blog, Bounty Preserved on Friday, October 13, 2023

Imperfect Produce

Just because it doesn’t look pretty, doesn’t mean throw it out! Our pal, Eryn Whalen, shows us how to use that imperfect produce. And if you want to follow along with our video, find it here.

Bananas look a little brown? Don’t toss them! First, the best banana bread (IMHO) is made with browning bananas! They are at the peak of sweetness and they are soft. If you have the time to make banana bread do it. Or, throw the bananas into the freezer and you can save them for making bread another day.

Got a little discoloration on your veggies? Don’t fret. You can cut out the discoloration and still use the produce. For example, if the eyes are growing slightly on your potato simply cut them off…the spud is still good to use. If you have a little discoloration on your cauliflower, simply cut that part off. No need to throw the whole thing away. Same with corn, peppers and other produce.

Unless the majority of your vegetable is moldy or soft, rarely do you need to throw the whole piece away.