Keeping Leftovers

Posted in Blog, Bounty Preserved on Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Keeping Leftovers

From the invention of electricity, to the ice box and refrigerator, tupperware, zip lock bags, and the essential microwave, the concept of leftovers has evolved with invention and technology. Leftovers can now be safely stored and enjoyed, which wasn’t always the case. And did you know that depending on time in history, leftovers became either a sign of high social status or were looked upon with disdain? Today, we still see two sides of the coin when it comes to leftovers. There are those who love the convenience of storing and reheating meals for the following days and those who are ready to move on from what remains of their meal. Whatever camp you find yourself in, Eryn gives us some tips that show us how we can stretch our groceries and make meal planning much easier.

For example, if you cook a roast on Sunday, Monday night you can add in some potatoes and make an entirely new meal of beef stew. If the same dinner several nights in a row is a bore to you, another solution is storing it in the freezer for a later date. Soups, pasta, meats, casseroles, are all great to freeze for future meals. Make sure you are labeling your leftovers so you know how long they have been in the freezer. Most leftovers are good for up to a month or two. You can place leftovers in larger containers for a meal for the entire family, or store single serving portions for when you are on the go. Knowing how to stretch your meals and keep leftovers is a great way to save you and your family time and money. Plus, we have all probably experienced that second-day phenomenon where some meals are simply “better the next day”. We are so grateful to live in a time in history where saving food can be done safely and conveniently!

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