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Fresh Raspberry Pie

Fresh Raspberry Pie
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Total Time:
~ 1 hour

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Fresh Raspberry Pie
Water 1 Pint
Sugar 13 ozs
Pectin 3 ozs
Raspberry Flavored Gelatin 2 ozs + 1 tsp
Water ½ cup
Softened Cream Cheese 2 tbsp
Fresh Whole Raspberry 4 pints
Red Food Coloring (If desired) ½ tbsp 
Bring 1-pint water to a boil
Mix pectin and raspberry flavored gelatin with ½ cup water and whisk to dissolve
Add pectin mix to boiling water and whisk constantly until boiling.  Add food coloring if desired.
Assemble pie as follows:
9” Shortening Crust
Layer of softened Cream Cheese
Layer of 2 pints fresh whole raspberries
Spread half glaze over top of berries
Layer of 2 pints fresh whole raspberries
Add remaining glaze and make sure to seal in all berries
Cool completely.  When pie is cool, edge with whipped cream and add a dollop of whipped cream in the center.
Pie Crust
Flour 6 ozs
Margarine 3 ozs
Salt ¼ Tsp
Brown Sugar Pinch
Baking Powder Pinch
Shortening 1 oz
Egg 1, well beaten
Vinegar 1 ½ Tsp
Cold Water 3 Tbsp + 2 ½ Tsp
Add first 6 ingredients to bowl
In mixer, add beaten egg, vinegar and water and mix until combined.  Add flour mixture and mix for 5 minutes.
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