Turkey Confit Club
  • Complexity: Easy
  • Srv: 6
  • Total Time: 24 hrs


  1. Season turkey with salt and pepper
  2. Place shallots, rosemary & garlic in pan
  3. Layer turkey in pan with seasonings
  4. Sit in refrigerator overnight (36 hours)
  5. After marination, pour duck fat into pan and let cook overnight

Tomato Jam


  1. Heat up olive oil with fresh basil
  2. Add shallots, skinless and seedless tomato. Cook down
  3. Add red wine vinegar
  4. Add 4 tablespoons of sugar
  5. Cook down on slow and low heat until almost all liquid has evaporated and it’s a “jam-like” consistency
  6. Make a sandwich/club with your favorite baguette, the jam, white cheddar (we like Beechers!), add bacon and toast it. Add tomato slices, baby kale and avocado. Yum!