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Marination’s Aloha fries

Marination’s Aloha fries
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Total Time:
4+ hours

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12 oz hand-cut, double-fried fries. 
4 oz Kalua pork - Hawai'ian-style braised, pulled pork
1 oz Kimchi sauce - a blend of Korean spices, kimchi, sesame oil, and garlic
1 oz Mayo - preferably Japanese-style
1 sunny-side up egg (or two!)
2 Tbs. Green onions
1. Tbs. Furikake - Japanese seaweed sprinkles
Kalua Pork: 
Cover pork in garlic, ginger, bay leaves, liquid smoke-quier and hawaiian sea salt.
Wrap the pork tightly in banana leaves or tea leaves to keep the moisture. 
Then put it in a tray, cover with foil and slow roast it at 250 degrees for 4 to 5 hours.
Assemble Aloha Fries:
Double blanche the fries to get them really crispy.  
Top fries with the kalua pork, Kimchi sauce, Japanese Mayo, a sunny-side up egg, green onions and furikake. Enjoy!
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