Guild Road Ranch - Foster Farms

Foster Farms is actively committed to responsible growing practices that help preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics for human health and medicine. We share a common goal with medical, veterinary and government leaders in working to curb antibiotic resistance in humans that may be linked to livestock production. Foster Farms is working toward a goal of eliminating the use of all antibiotics that are used in human medicine, except in those instances where the clinical health of a flock is at risk. The company does not use antibiotics for growth promotion or feed efficiency. The practices below, prescribed by Foster Farms veterinary staff, protect and preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics, while ensuring the welfare of our chicken flocks: Antibiotics will not be used in-ovo, sub-therapeutically, or for growth promotion or feed conversion purposes in broiler production. Antibiotics1 may be used to treat chickens that have a documented microbial disease or for disease control only as dictated by a licensed Veterinarian. Critically important antibiotics in human medicine2 will not be used to treat, prevent or control disease. Foster Farms’ antibiotic practices are independently audited to ensure compliance with goals and performance.