Season 5

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Episode 1 Legumes

  • Check out legumes with Washington's farmers! We'll visit Mamnoon to whip up two delicious dishes, visit Quincy Flying Service to talk aerial applications, and don't miss a visit to Fresh Nature Foods to try some green hummus! We'all also visit Hinrichs Trading Co to see how their farmers are growing some of the best chickpeas in the world! Finally, we'll make a classic French split pea soup!

Episode 2 Green Beans

  • We have a packed episode for you! First, we're visiting Prosser Farms where we'll meet Jackie. She'll tell us about growing food on her farm for her husband's restaurants. Then we'll go to the Carlile Room and meet up with Tom Douglas to make a quick and easy green bean dish. But we'll also visit the Grant County fair to talk with a 4-H member and Derek Sandison about the importance of fairs. Finally, do miss the segment with the Female Farmer Project to learn about how they are telling the story of female farmers today!

Episode 3 Apples

  • This episode is all about the most famous of all Washington's crops: Washington apples! We'll visit McDougall & Sons Orchards in Wenatchee at a unique time - apple blossom time! Then we'll make some savory dishes at Bon Vino's in Sunnyside featuring our delicious apples. Then it is off to Wenatchee for the Apple Blossom Festival and a visit to a unique museum. Finally, Kristi gets a special opportunity to try the brand new Cosmic Crisp apple not available on the market until 2019!

Episode 4 Who Knew

  • Did you know we grow these crops in Washington? In this fascinating episode, you'll learn all about some amazing crops we grow right here in Washington. Our first stop is Sno-Valley Mushrooms where we learn how they are using science to create top-quality culinary mushrooms. Then we're off to the Wandering Goose to make a delicious recipe of southern biscuits and mushroom gravy. Then we try to keep up with Hilario Alvarez as we go around Alvarez Organic farm seeing many of the 400+ types of crops that he grows. Finally, we'll visit with Nick Bond, the Washington State Climatologist to talk about the diversity of microclimates that allow us to grow so many crops in our state.

Episode 5 Dessert

  • If you like your food sweet, you'll love this episode featuring Washington grown fruits as dessert! We're visiting Fleur de Sel Creperie in Spokane and making both a savory and a sweet crepe. And we'll visit Knight Orchards to see how they are growing Washington's delicious pears. After that, we'll stop by My Sweet Lil Cakes food truck for a truly unique dessert and then wrap up at Schwartz Brothers Bakery to tour their facility and see how they feature Washington grown fruits in their products!

Episode 6 Fingerling Potatoes

  • If you aren't already a fingerling potato fan, we bet you will be by the end of this episode! We'll visit Irish Eyes Garden Seed farm and see how they grow a vast array of unique potato varieties. And we'll also talk with Chris Voigt at the Washington State Potato Commission about the differences between the traditional russet potato and some of the new up and coming varieties. And you won't want to miss the fingerling potato recipe from Adana. Last but not least, we'll check out the Skillet Food Truck and see what people think about their parmesan fingerling potatoes!

Episode 7 Grapes

  • We have an exciting episode all about grapes! Of course, we'll be talking about Washington wine, but did you know that even before wine was big in Washington, grape juice vineyards could be found throughout the state? We'll visit one and then head to Welch's to see how they make their delicious, all-natural purple grape juice. We'll also cook up a unique and tasty dish at Westward Seattle.

Episode 8 Cabbage

  • If you aren't a cabbage fan already, we think you will be by the end of this episode! We'll visit Johnson Farm to see how they are growing cabbage for sauerkraut. Speaking of kraut, we'll head over to OlyKraut to see how they make their raw sauerkraut with locally grown cabbage. And we'll visit Manu's Bodega to make two delicious dishes featuring green and red cabbage. Finally, we'll talk with the Washington Conservation Commission and April Joy Farm about keeping the farm going amid urban sprawl.

Episode 9 Fresh Greens

  • Get your greens in this episode! We're visiting Helsing Junction Farm to see how they are growing fresh greens and many other veggies for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Then we'll visit Table 13 to try out an interesting octopus salad! Finally, we'll head to Taylor Farms to talk about how fresh greens make a difference in their deli products.

Episode 10 Carrots

  • What's up, doc? Bugs Bunny would love this episode - all about carrots! We'll visit Mercer Estates in the Horse Heaven Hills to see how they grow the carrots that become the "baby" carrots we buy in the store. And we'll visit Gourmondo to whip up a yummy caramelized carrot soup.

Episode 11 Fries

  • A fun episode featuring one of America's favorite foods - french fries! We'll visit Schaapman Farms in Quincy to see how they are growing, harvesting, and storing the potatoes destined to become french fries. Then we'll head to Katsu Burger to get the skinny on how they make their award-winning french fries and burgers. And we'll chat with potato growers across the state about how they claimed the wild west for potatoes.

Episode 12 Beverages

  • A jam-packed episode all about beverages! First, we'll visit a mint farm in Central Washington to see how that refreshing mint is grown that eventually becomes tea and other mint-products. Then we'll head to Poole's to make a delicious Scotch Egg paired with their own beer. Speaking of beer, we'll visit a hops farm where they are developing some of the newest hops varieties. Finally, we'll wrap it up at WSU Mount Vernon to talk about cider research! Grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy this episode!

Episode 13 Farmers Markets

  • In this episode, we're visiting Kittitas Valley Greenhouse to see how they are growing tomatoes! Then we'll follow them to the Columbia City Farmers Market to see how they and others are selling their produce to consumers. Finally, we'll visit Lu Lu Craft Bar and Kitchen to make a delicious carrot dish!