Season 8

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Episode 1 Specialty Potatoes

  • This week, we're taking a look at one of our favorite commodities; Washington Potatoes! We make delicious gnocchi at Woodblock, a popular restaurant in Redmond, and visit a farm growing specialty “Bintje” potatoes in Pasco. Finally, see how Washington farmers give away thousands of pounds of potatoes during the pandemic crisis.

Episode 2 Livestock

  • Discover how Pure Country Pork farms is raising premium hogs in Ephrata. Visit Spark Pizza in Redmond for the Boss Hog pizza. Meet the next generation of veterinarians from Washington State University's Vet Med program as they perform ultrasound examinations on sheep. Munch some Texas-style brisket with Tomas in Spokane. Learn about caring for livestock in your own backyard from Whitney.

Episode 3 Women in Agriculture

  • Women are integral to agriculture in Washington state, like Rachel Taylor at Lost Peacock Creamery in Olympia. Listen to WSU research professor Lynne Carpenter-Boggs discuss the need for more diversity in agriculture. Eat delicious crepes at women-owned Crepe Sisters in Spokane. Learn how to test your backyard garden soil with Whitney. Visit chef Sabrina Tinsley at Osteria La Spiga in Seattle, and experience Pike Place Market from a distance with Savor Seattle Tours.

Episode 4 Vegetables

  • Visit New Heritage Farm, a one-acre urban homestead that uses space wisely in Spokane Valley. Talk with the Green Man about his homegrown microgreens operation in Orting. Eat mushroom stroganoff at the Gilded Unicorn in Spokane. Create raised planter beds for your home garden with Whitney. Roll down to Mixed Plate food truck with Tomas in Spokane. See how Share Farm is bringing farmers and consumers together in a new way.

Episode 5 The Next Generation

  • Meet three generations of wheat farmers, and how they're using technological advancements to keep farming in Coulee City. Make pretzels at Cascadia Public House in Spokane. Visit with agriculture educator and wheat farmer Maya Aune who is educating future farmers in St. John. Head over to Mangia Catering with Tomas for some brick oven pizza in Liberty Lake. Learn about home garden irrigation with Whitney. Explore the Hasidic Jewish community's special harvesting process for their Passover matzo made with Washington soft white wheat.

Episode 6 Environment & Innovation

  • See how raspberry farmers are helping to provide clean stream water. Make vegan poke with watermelon at RÜT in Spokane. Visit Carnation Farm and see how this former dairy is now a non-profit farm for a new generation of farmers.

Episode 7 Rising Stars

  • Meet Washington's future agriculture leaders with the Ag Forestry program. Visit Oyster Bay Farm in Olympia, with over 350 hens laying eggs in a rainbow of colors. Make cinnamon French toast with local strawberries at Lefevre Street Bakery in Medical Lake. Munch on My Sweet Lil Cakes in Seattle. Talk bees, honey, and backyard hives with Whitney. Discover how Camelina Gold cooking oils and products are made in Ritzville.

Episode 8 Colorful Potatoes

  • Dine at delicious Mean Sandwich restaurant in Seattle. Learn how a WSU researcher is using drones to improve agriculture. Vacation in beautiful coulee country with Grant County Tourism. Personalize your home garden with tips from Whitney. Meet potato farmers in Skagit Valley and discover their unique crop.

Episode 9 100th Episode!

  • It's our 100th Episode! Celebrate with Washington Grown hosts as they share favorite memories over 8 seasons—farms, restaurants, food trucks, and behind-the-scenes fun!

Episode 10 Turfgrass

  • Learn about Kentucky Bluegrass turf from the farmers who grow it in Moses Lake. One WSU researcher is creating new ways to use turfgrass in landscape architecture. James Beard nominee, chef Chad White cooks up delicious barbeque at TT’s in Spokane. Learn about the secret of Kaosamai Thai’s food truck in Seattle. Get behind homeplate at the Tacoma Rainiers baseball stadium.

Episode 11 Toast Washington

  • Washington ciders, wines, and beers take center stage. Visit Arbor Crest Wine Cellars in Spokane to learn about its history and award-winning wines. Meet malt specialist Brian Estes and learn about Washington craft malting. Visit Carillon Kitchen in Seattle and learn about French cooking methods. Get a fresh, healthy bowl of goodness from Island Blends Acai in Monroe. Grow your own herbs on your counter with Whitney.

Episode 12 Farm to Forest

  • Discover how West Coast Bigleaf Maple Syrup is made at Neil's special tree farm in Sedro Wooley. Eat yummy fry bread at a Native-owned food truck in Seattle. Forage mushrooms in a rainy PNW forest. Cook wild turkey with Tony Brown at Eyvind restaurant in Spokane.

Episode 13 Beef and Dairy

  • Explore a working Angus cattle ranch near Ritzville. Find out how one farm is teaming up dairy cows and worms for a revolutionary outcome. Visit Wooden City in Spokane and make a classic cheeseburger. Discover how one Seattle chef converted an old Jeep into a milkshake truck. Learn about composting your home garden with Whitney.