Two Hot Dog Nights at the Ballpark

By Craig T. Hunt RDN Last week’s Fireworks Night at the Spokane Indians baseball game attracted over 5,000 fans. The fans were jubilantly united when the song “Take Me Out to the Ballpa… Read More

(Jun 26, 2014)

Seasonally Good Eats

By Craig T. Hunt   My daughter’s middle-school poster project featured Washington State’s fruit, vegetable, bird, flower, flag, and song, along with landmarks like the Columbia … Read More

(May 14, 2014)

Keeping your cup (and plate) full with Mediterranean style eating

By Craig T. Hunt RDN   In the current ‘food is thy medicine’ climate of nutrition and well-being, it’s easy to become fixated on what Americans are not doing right. Even t… Read More

(Mar 31, 2014)

Cooking With Rhubarb

Much like daffodils and tulips, rhubarb stalks emerge from the cold ground in early spring. At first they look like oversized red asparagus, but as they grow taller, giant green leaves spread out from… Read More

(Jun 19, 2014)

Dinner on the Fly

During my college waitressing years I was introduced to a whole new kitchen vocabulary. My first week of training the chef shouted down the line (def: the row of cooks), “86 tomatoes!” All… Read More

(May 6, 2014)

Spring Time Favorite

One of my favorite things about spring is fresh asparagus. I’ve liked asparagus since I was a kid and when I waitressed in college I would order steamed sides of it for a snack before my shift.&… Read More

(Apr 25, 2014)

Green is good. Blue is BAD.

Green is good.  Blue is BAD.  It is June and the Palouse is wearing its multiple shades of green.  The deep green of the winter wheat, the soft green winter barley, light green and diff… Read More

(Jul 3, 2014)

Spring Planting!

Timing is everything. Cliché, but oh so very true in farming. The hardest part, though, is knowing just when that perfect time is. I could have planted some of my spring barley in the last week… Read More

(Apr 7, 2014)

Oil change

I drove by a sign today offering an oil change and “complete service, only $29.95." It made me smile strangely – I think it’s called a ‘wry’ smile - thinking th… Read More

(Mar 12, 2014)

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